Dunroamin' Labradors

"Where quality and compassion
make the difference"

"Token"--Dunroamins' Keep The Change

Token is quite a breath of fresh air! She is coming right along and we couldn't be happier! We have watched her grow into an absolute knock out!!! A Duff daughter, she is a chip off the 'ol block! An absolute doll to be around and live with, Token puts a smile on my face every day...she's a clown with gentle side; the best of both worlds in this girl.

"Bella"--Teran Dunroamin's Bells and Whistles

I named this sweet girl Bella for a reason. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was going to grow up to be beautiful! She is the most mild mannered dog and is truly a joy to be around. She is a healthy girl that is very well built. She has great angles and is a ball of muscle. Bella's head is the type of head that I strive to produce over and over again.          

              Click HERE for Bellas' Pedigree and Clearances:                      



"Tilly"--Queijeiro Tlaly

Tilly is one of our finest!! She is a wonderful representation of the breed! She is a joy to be around and is a driven retriever. She has proven herself to be a consistent producer and an extremely attentive mother. Her puppies are always big boned and well balanced with lovely heads and pleasant laid back temperaments. 

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"Drizzle"--Drizzle Me Dunroamin'

 Drizzle is a lovely girl! She is the daughter of Tilly and Duff. She is a nice, thick girl with a great coat! She gets prettier all the time. She is a gentle, easy going girl that does well in any situation. She is an eye catcher and a joy to live with.

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Dunroamin' Black Mist of Caledonia

"Callie" holds the expression that we hope to produce time and time again. She is a happy girl with a ton of character! She is the daughter of our Roulette(Terans' Playing the Wheel) and Henry (Centre Court Henry). She is a typey girl with a nice topline and a striking head. She's a lucky girl! She shares her happy nature with the Mangelsdorf family here in Williamsburg. (Mark,Chris and Laura Mangelsdorf).                                       

         Click HERE for Callies' pedigree and clearances 

"Promise"... Empress On A Wing And A Prayer To Dunroamin'

Promise is our lovey chocolate girl. She is very rich in color and has bone to spare. She is a kind hearted girl with a strong desire to please. We are very excited that she has grown into such a beautiful girl! Thank you Dawn Nacey for bringing such a lovely girl into our lives.


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